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10-ton horizontal petrol log splitter FT-HLS10TG


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Fellotool  HLS10TG Powerful Horizontal 10 ton petrol Log Splitter

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The Fellotool 10-ton horizontal petrol engine-powered log splitter brings portable power to the remote firewood processing site. Solid steel construction and a powerful CE-approved 6.5-horsepower 196-cc engine make this compact splitter ideal for work with tough, knotty wood.
The integrated hydraulic pump draws from a 3.5L tank with an internal filter that ensures a constant supply of clean hydraulic fluid to the splitting ram, and the hydraulic feed hoses are nylon shielded for operator safety and protection in harsh working environments.
A two-speed valve system operated by dual handles allows for high and low speed movement of the log ram, maximizing efficiency and allowing for much quicker splitting cycle . This easy-to-operate 10 ton log splitter can handle wood up to 520mm in length in diameters from 70-350mm, and an optional cross-splitting wedge allows for the production of quarter round wood. Add the optional bolt-on log cradle frame members to make solo operation easy.
The heavy steel splitting rail and engine base are mounted on a solid axle system with 12” pneumatic tires and sturdy forward support members that can be staked down when needed. This design provides a safe, stable platform while working yet retains a compact overall form factor that enables quick single-handed portability.

Weight126 kg
Dimensions117.6 × 65.6 × 58.5 cm


Slice tough Logs with Ease Using Our Horizontal 10 ton petrol Log Splitter

Gasoline 10 ton log splitter is powered by a 6.5-horsepower, 196-cc engine with CE approval.

2-hand safe control;

Two-speed valve with quick speed for moving quickly and a slow speed when required.

Reliable pump and valve delivers efficient splitting production;

The big wheels measure 12 inches for easy moving;

Hi-pressure hoses are wrapped in nylon sleeves;

Log catcher / wood-plate is optional;

Cross wedge is optional;

Engine Power Output: 6.5HP/196cc

Speed: 3,600 RPM

Splitting Force:10 ton

Oil Tank: 3.5L

Log Splitting Capacity: 520mm

Log Diameter: 70-350mm

Stroke forward speed: 11 seconds

Stroke return speed: 8 seconds;


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