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10-ton hydraulic electric log splitter machine LS10TZ-1

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The Fellotool 10-ton hydraulic electric log splitter machine offers great value for money by putting 10 tons of hydraulic log splitting power in a light-weight portable package that meets a very affordable price point. Featuring a powerful 3000W electric motor, this hydraulic log splitter exceeds all expectations for a farm or home firewood processing machine. The motor powers a durable hydraulic pump that pulls clean, filtered fluid from a 4.5L reservoir integrated into the base of the splitter, then pushes it into a ram that transfers 10 tons of continuous pressure to the heat-treated splitting wedge.
Whether using the fixed standard wedge or the optional cross-wedge, this machine will easily split logs up to 1270mm in length and 400mm in diameter. An adjustable splitting platform makes switching log lengths easy, and a fast splitting stroke cycle keeps production rates high even when working with the toughest hardwood logs. A sturdy log clamp mechanism grips the wood tightly, ensuring a clean split, while guarded hand grips make it safe and easy to set the clamp.
A two-handed control system for the hydraulic ram ensures that the operator’s hands are kept clear while the log is being split. The splitter is designed with a balanced weight distribution that makes it easy for one person to handle and equipped with sturdy 8” wheels for moving the splitter around job sites and storage areas.

Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 65 × 44 × 115 cm


The log splitter can split short or long logs thanks to the cleverly designed movable table for different splitting lengths;
Powerful motor with solid steel structure and reliable hydraulic system;
The splitting wedge is heat-treated and can crack logs easily;
Two hand control system and log-clamping device guarantee safe splitting process.
Powerful motor 3000w;
Durable splitting wedge and movable work table work in 3 positions for different splitting length;
With locked swing table for convenient splitting length adjustment;
Continuous splitting pressure resulting from the reliable hydraulic system;
Grip handle and 8″ wheel for convenient movement;
Max splitting length: 1270mm


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