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9ton two speed electrical horizontal log splitter FT-HLS9T

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Powerful horizontal Turbo 9 (9 Ton) log splitter

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Perfect for backyard or indoor use where clean, quiet operation is important, the Fellotool 9 ton two speed electrical-powered horizontal log splitter offers the perfect combination of portability and power.
With many of the best features of our gasoline engine powered splitters, this 9 ton electric log splitter provides ease of operation along with high production rates. A powerful 2100W motor drives the hydraulic splitting ram to 9 tons of force at the splitting wedge face, making quick work of tough, knotty logs up to 300mm in diameter and 520mm in length.
The log ram is powered by an integrated hydraulic pump that draws a constant supply of clean fluid from a 3.5L tank fitted with an internal filter. The hydraulic feed hoses are nylon shielded for operator safety and protection in harsh working environments, and dual-handle operation during the splitting phase ensures that hands are kept clear. A two-speed valve system allows precise control of high and low speed log ram movements, maximizing efficiency and allowing for rapid 14-second splitting cycle speeds.
The solid steel ram face, durable integral wedge unit, and heavy steel guide rail are built to last. An optional bolt-on log cradle makes solo operation easy, and an optional cross-splitting wedge allows for the production of quarter round wood. The entire unit sits at a comfortable operating height, and sturdy 8” wheels make it easy to transport the splitter.

Weight 91 kg
Dimensions 119 × 72.5 × 31 cm


The horizontal Turbo 9 (9Ton ) log splitter is driven by a powerful motor 2100w.

The valve is two speed with fast speed for moving quicker forwards while slow speed is for splitting wood by pressing down the two operation handles.

Its wedge and table are built to last.

Max Splitting force 9 Ton Powerful motor 2100w

Reliable pump and valve delivering quick speed forward 2-hand safe control

Durable wedge and solid table with wide log cradles;

8″” wheel for convenient transport;

Hi-pressure hoses are wrapped in nylon sleeves for safer protection;

Cross wedge (optional) for splitting wood in 4 pieces front wood-plate

log catcher (optional)

Motor power: 230v / Hz ,2100W

Motor Speed: 2800 rpm

Max splitting force: 9Ton

Max Splitting Length: 520mm

Splitting Dia:70-300mm

Stroke forward-speed: 6S

Stroke reverse-speed: 8S


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