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Fellotool 8Ton Multi-angle Log Splitter FT-VHLS8T

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The Fellotool 8 ton multi-angle electrical log splitter is ideal for the home firewood processor who needs an economical, highly portable splitter that still offers professional grade power and production capabilities.
Clean, quiet, and suitable for indoor operation, the 8 ton multi-angle splitter utilizes a powerful single-phase 2100W electric motor and the same dependable hydraulic ram technology found on Fellotool horizontal splitters. The integrated hydraulic pump draws from an internally-filtered fluid reservoir to drive the splitting wedge at a continuous 8 tons of force.
A two-speed valve system operated by dual handles allows for high and low speed movement of the log ram, maximizing efficiency and allowing for quicker splitting cycle.
Dual handles also support safe operation by requiring both of the operator’s hands to be clear of the moving wedge. This splitter handles logs up to 520mm in length and 350mm in diameter with ease, and the guide rail adjusts to fit the work space and allow for various working positions. Weighing only 116kg and mounted on sturdy 8” wheels, the multi-angle splitter offers maximum portability and ease of storage.

Weight 116 kg
Dimensions 72 × 43 × 116 cm


The Fellotool  log splitter  FT-VHLS8T  is an electrical  single phase splitter that rotates in multi-angle, allowing you to work in different positions.

The 8 ton splitter is the ideal low-cost home log splitter equipped with a reliable cylinder and valve to ensure continuous splitting power.

2-speed hydraulic valve offers quicker cycle time for efficient work.

Splitting force of 8 tons, it allows you to split wood logs of variable sizes up to a maximum of 52 cm length and with a maximum diameter of 35 cm.

8″ wheel for convenient transport.

Motor power: 230v/Hz , 2100W
Motor Speed: 2800rpm
Max splitting force: 8 Ton
Max Splitting Length: 520 mm
Splitting Dia: 70-350mm

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