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Fellotool 10 ton gasoline engine log splitter FT-LS10TG

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Gasoline log splitter with 10 ton splitting pressure driven by 196cc gasoline engine;

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The Fellotool 10 ton gasoline engine-powered vertical log splitter takes the back breaking work out of home or farm firewood processing. Especially designed to offer portability and convenience when working up firewood in remote outdoor settings, this easy-to-operate gasoline log splitter features a hydraulic cylinder system driven by a powerful 196cc petrol engine.
An integrated hydraulic pump draws filtered fluid from a 4.5L reservoir to power the ram that applies continuous pressure through a solid steel driving beam, resulting in 10 tons of splitting force at the working edge of the heat treated wedge. This 10 ton log splitter can handle even the toughest of hardwoods with ease, yet at only 128kg, it is easy to move around the job site on its sturdy 8” wheels.
The solid steel splitting table adjusts to 3 different log length settings, and can accommodate logs up to 1050mm long, while the clamp mechanism expands to grip wood up to 400mm in diameter.
Guarded handles on the log clamp and a two-handed ram control system ensure safety while working, while a total splitting cycle time of just 15.50 seconds keeps production rates high.

Weight 128 kg
Dimensions 71.5 × 40 × 110 cm


The 10 ton gasoline engine log splitter is especially designed for convenient outdoor use in wood splitting .

Powerful 196cc petrol engine .

Two hand control system and clamp-device handles;

Heat treated splitting wedge;

Movable work table for convenient splitting length adjustment at 3 positions;

Cross wedge optional for splitting wood into 4 pieces;

Gasoline engine power output: 196cc

Speed: 3600rpm;

Splitting Force: 10 Ton

Oil tank: 4.5L

Max Splitting Length: 1050mm

Max Splitting Dia: 400mm

Cylinder travel cycle time:
10.50 seconds/downward travel

5 seconds / return speed


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