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3-phase electric log saw – 700mm TCT blade

Sale! 3-phase electric log saw - 700mm TCT blade

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Fellotool three-phase circular saw 700MM TCT blade

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Built for working with large timber, the Fellotool FT 700 electric log saw is equipped with a powerful 4000W 3-phase electric motor that lets it cut firewood logs up to 240mm in diameter with speed and precision.
Its fully-shielded, specially-hardened 700mm tungsten carbide-tipped blade runs at 1400rpm to bring increased efficiency and production to home or farm firewood cutting tasks while eliminating the safety risks associated with chain saws. The FT 700 features a deep cutting channel mounted on a heavy-duty solid-steel frame that provides a firm working base when cutting.
The 8” wheels are mounted on a strong steel axle bar and fold down to make the entire 99kg unit easily portable. Designed especially for producing firewood in the lengths required for use in home wood-burning stoves, the Fellotool FT 700 conforms to all EN safety standards and directives for electric firewood saws.
Simple to maintain and operate, the FT 700 is the safest and most effective tool available for home and farm firewood production.


Powerful three-phase motor log saw with 700mm TCT blade;

Logs with a diameter of upto 240mm can be cut easily and in very little time;

With two 8″” wheels, the saw is also easy to transport;

Voltage: 400v/50Hz;

Motor Power: 4000w S6 40%;

Speed: 1400rpm;

TCT Blade size: Ø700 x Ø30×3.0mm / 42 Teeth;

Max Cutting Dia: Ø240mm;

Max Cutting Length: 2m;

With TCT blade diameter: 700mm;

Designed to comply with CE safety approval.


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