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  1. Where can you buy Fellotool brand Log spitter and Fire-wood circular saw? A: So far they are available on
  2. What brandname is the log splitter and log saw? A: The brandname is “Fellotool”—-a friendly name for wood splitting tools for household using ,and it has engaged in log splitting industry for over 10 years.
  3. What is warranty? A:Fellotool guarantees the product quality for its craftsmanship and materials except misue or damage due to transportation.Any questions, please call:
  4. A: What is delivery cost? A: The prices we sell at DO NOT include delivery cost,actual shipping cost depends on the package size ,weight and distance.
  5. How long is the delivery time? A: Within EU,it usually takes within 5-7 days.
  6. What is the first thing to do before using the log splitter and fire-wood circular saw? A: At first, carefully check all parts needed to be assembled for operation,then Read the manual carefully for All points for correct operation and safety attentions.
  7.  Is the oil tank dipstick/oil level indicator has to be loosened before operation? A:Yes, loosen it in 3-4 turns for air bleeding purpose.
  8. are 9ton electrical log splitter FT-HLS9T and 10ton gas log splitter FT-HLS10TG equipped with 2-speed valve? A:Yes, there is a small label indicating operation lever moving position(fast/slow)—-While pushing lever  half forwards, it is fast speed for ram/pusher moving forwards;—–While pushing lever completely forwards,it is slow speed for splitting.
  9. At initial splitting,does the splitting wedge/ram needs to move several cycles upwards and downwards for vertical log splitter? and ram needs to move forwards and backwards for horizontal log splitters? A:Yes, after starting the motor and engine,please keep the ram running in several cycles so that hydraulic oil flows into the cylinder,Especially in winter time ,please keep the wedge/pusher extending and returning in several cycles t0 allow the log splitter to warm up.
  10. Are engine oil and petrol filled up for gas log splitters ? A:No, 0.6 engine oil is needed; 3.6L petrol is needed;
  11. What type of engine oil recommended? SAE 10W-30
  12. Is hydraulic oil filled up ? A:Yes;
  13. What type of hydraulic oil recommended? A: Mobile/Shell/Esso/Tellus 32#;
  14. How to operate the fire-wood circular saw during log-cutting? A:During sawing,after one section of log is cut off, DO not switch the engine off before cutting another section of log;Just keep the motor/engine running till you stop cutting. Frequent switching-on and switching-off can cause motor running at very higher temperature,thus affecting the motor’s life.

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